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  • Read 7 Reasons Why 11+ Mock Exams Are Essential For Your Child
  • Individual 11 plus mock exams 125 per exam
  • Special offer on our Three Mock Exam Package 210 for three mock tests
  • Special offer on our Five Mock Exam Package325 for five mock tests
  • Receive a detailed statistical report after each mock exam
  • Every mock exam is made up of different questions
  • All CEM 11 Plus Subjects covered
  • Monitor progress and identify your child's strengths and weaknesses

Any Three CEM 11 Plus Mock Exams Any Five CEM 11 Plus Mock Exams

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Choose your closest area?

Why choose 11 Plus Mocks for your child?

  • 11 Plus Examination Experts.

    We specialise in the administration of 11 Plus Mock Exams. These exams are open to any child who is currently in Year 5. We also provide 11+ Assessments and online courses.
  • Our 11 Plus Mock papers.

    The test papers we use are designed based upon the same format used by CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Durham). We conduct detailed exam research to ensure that our 11 Plus mock exam papers resemble the real examinations in question style, paper format and examination procedure.
  • Identify your child's current ability.

    Following each mock exam we issue a detailed statistical report which highlights strengths and weaknesses. Included in the report are individual subject rankings and an overall ranking.
  • Comprehensive 11+ Test Day Preparation.

    11 Plus Mocks give your child the chance to overcome exam day nerves and anxiety. This increases the chance of your child performing to their potential in the real 11 plus exams.
  • Each of our 11 Plus Mock Exams is different.

    This means that your child can benefit from sitting up to 15 different 11 Plus Mocks. Also each mock test increases in difficulty as we approach the real examinations. Increasing the difficulty of the papers enables us to provide the most thorough preparation for the real tests.
  • Each of our 11+ Mocks tests covers all of the four 11+ subjects:

    Verbal & English Skills, Non Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics.